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Born Michelle "Chellie" Garcia in Miami, FL to Cuban parents, it was from the cradle that Katiahshé was destined to be a performer. Both her mother and father are musicians and actors who met for the very first time at a Miami-based radio station. Her blood-line is that of artists as far back as her great, great, grandfather, the famous CUBAN AUTHOR, "EL CUCALAMBE", whom is recognized as one of the TOP FIGURES OF NATIONAL POETRY OF THE 19TH CENTURY. As a child, she excelled in song and dance, taking in all the classes she could, including vocal technique, ballet, tap, piano, violin, and stage performance. Her artistic roots and training created a passion within her that propelled her into a career as a professional voice talent, producer and songwriter and from a very young age she started freelancing with TV and radio and collaborating with artists across the nation. 

Katiahshé started performing live shows at age five, fronting bands made-up of some of Miami’s best professional musicians. Introduced to theatre at eleven, she fell in love and quickly began a journey performing across New York City with a local drama company. Before she knew it, Katiahshé found herself hanging out on tv-show sets such as NBCs “third watch” and “whoopi”. This young actress has played a diverse range of characters, effortlessly, landing roles in a number of music videos, tv pilots and commercials. These experiences gave her the dramatic, on-set experience that inspired her and aided her in winning-over directors of short films such as “Genocide”, “The Hit Maker” and “Vladimir’s Vodka”. All while simultaneously, writing and recording with countless industry professionals and performing with bands all over the world. 

In 2015 while performing Lead Female Vocals with an Urban Rock Soul band at a music conference in New Orleans, performing under the name "Chellie G" Katiahshéwas discovered by Legendary Music manager, John Tovar. Upon their return to Miami, Tovar set-up a meeting with Dance Music Legend, Oba Frank Lords who immediately sent her demo to fellow Dance Music pioneer DJ Oscar G. Oscar G liked her sound and in May of 2016 Michelle officially took on the name of her main spirit guide, Katiahshé, as a moniker for house music and tapped into her pop freestyle influences for the singles, “My Life” and “Feeling High” on Oscar G’s album “Beep My Boom”, released on Nervous Records. Shortly after, delving into her afro-cuban roots, 2BDark featured her on the track “Feel the Rhythm” (eh-oh-eh) fusing that catchy freestyle sound with Afro-Cuban chants that led to Oscar G’s interest in releasing “Asoyi” an Afro-Cuban inspired song for Saint Lazarus as the very first song released on his label Made in Miami.

Now Katiahshé is in full force having released a cover of the Donna Summer Classic "Bad Girls" on Nervus Records as well as “Rumba Pa’ Ochun” , “Camina Chola” , "Elegua" and "Agua" on DJ Oscar G’s Label, Made in Miami, making Katiahshé the magical ingredient to a fresh sound of House Music - 305 Hous. 

Delivering a Pop-vibe of soulful vocals, Afro-Cuban elements, Hip Hop bars, dark murky synths, and a heavy House Kick, Katiahshé takes you on an intense journey of what feels like every musical moment you've ever had, from a fresh new perspective.

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